Unraveling the Samuel Haskell Mystery: Did He Murder Wife Mei Haskell in Los Angeles?

Unraveling the Samuel Haskell Mystery: Did He Murder Wife Mei Haskell in Los Angeles?. In a shocking turn of events, the serene atmosphere of the upscale Tarzana neighborhood in Los Angeles was shattered when Samuel Haskell, 35, was apprehended at the Westfield Topanga Mall in Canoga Park. The arrest, made around 11:30 a.m. on a fateful Wednesday, was in connection with the heinous murder of his wife, Mei Haskell. As the details of this tragic incident emerge, a web of mysteries unfolds, raising questions about the connection between Samuel Haskell and the disappearance of Mei Li, Yanxiang Wang, and Gaoshen Li.

Samuel Haskell Murder

The Gruesome Discovery

The investigation took a grisly turn when a dismembered woman’s torso was uncovered in a dumpster. Initial assessments pointed to the likelihood that the victim was Mei Haskell. Mei, 37, had been residing in a $2.5 million home on Coldstream Terrace in Tarzana, alongside her husband Samuel and her parents, Yanxiang Wang and Gaoshen Li.

Samuel Haskell’s Background

Samuel Haskell Jr., son of veteran film producer Sam Haskell, comes from a distinguished Hollywood lineage. His mother, a former Miss Mississippi, and his father, a Hollywood agent representing luminaries like George Clooney and Dolly Parton, add an air of complexity to this tragic tale. The high-profile nature of the family brings the case into the public eye, intensifying the scrutiny surrounding the incident.

The Missing Trio: Mei Li, Yanxiang Wang, and Gaoshen Li

The unsettling disappearance of Mei Haskell’s parents, Yanxiang Wang and Gaoshen Li, adds a layer of intrigue to this already perplexing narrative. All four individuals lived together in the Coldstream Terrace residence. Mei’s whereabouts remain unknown, and detectives are diligently working to establish a connection between her disappearance and the dismembered torso found in the dumpster.

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Searching for Clues: Missing SUV and Witnesses

As investigators delve into the case, the search intensifies for Mei’s father, Gaoshan Li, 72, and her mother, YanXiang Wang, 64. Additionally, the missing SUV, a white VW Tiguan, becomes a focal point in the efforts to trace the family’s last known movements. Eyewitnesses contribute valuable insights, with one individual expressing familiarity with Mei but noting an unsettling demeanor in her husband, Samuel Haskell.

The Safe Discovery of Samuel’s Children

Amidst the darkness of this tragedy, a ray of light emerges as Samuel Haskell’s three children, aged 6, 8, and 12, are found safe at school. Samuel Bond Haskell V, James Donnelly Haskell, and William Kirkpatrick Haskell II are now under the care of the authorities. This revelation brings a mix of relief and heightened concern, as the investigation unfolds to ensure the well-being of the children.

Inside the Investigation: LAPD’s Efforts

Detective Efren Gutierrez with the Los Angeles Police Department sheds light on the investigation, revealing that initial responses yielded no evidence leading to entry into the Haskell residence. However, upon reaching the suspect’s home, bloodstains and other incriminating evidence were discovered, pointing to the occurrence of a crime within those walls.

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